You chose to help your friends…

With a sudden burst of adrenaline, you give the final, crushing blow to the caged buggy’s topside. You and your friends break free. The guards take up arms and try to counter your  sucker punch. Most fail as your friends furiously charge at them. The violence is quite intense as your comrades savagely murder all of the guards.

You’re hand is forced against one of the guards as well, and, in a very brutal manner, you jam your thumbs into one the guard’s eyes. He screams for what you feel is like an eternity until one of your friends stomps on his head repeatedly.

I’m sure your morally bankrupt behavior is justified. I’m also sure that you’ve considered the fact that a bunch of armed guards made you, the person wearing an orange jumpsuit with numbers on it, surrender and sit in a cage with a bunch of other people who are hostile and quick to murdering.

I’m sure you considered all of that.

You take a headcount of your friends. Some of them were killed during the battle. There are three remaining excluding the ones that were being dragged by the buggy.

You choose to…



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