You chose to lethargically take a break from all this tiring running…

You sit on the faded road and take in the lovely scenery that surrounds you. Your heart rate starts to decrease as you relax and take a moment for a little me-time. Nothing upon nothing surrounds you, so you take about an hour to yourself for reflection and meditation. It might have been a good idea as you overestimated your athletic ability, and now your knees and ankles are swollen and sore.

Suddenly, you hear and see a massive explosion from the direction you were running toward. A large fireball shoots into the air as whatever was near it likely evaporates. You shrug off your near death experience and gain an appreciation for your tendency to take a little me-time.

You look behind you to reassess which direction to walk in when you notice a bovine creature has approached. You had not noticed it during your self-centered recess and it now stares at you. Your stomach rumbles from hunger and your knees radiate from the pain brought on by running for far too long as the cow lets out a whimper of a moo.

You choose to…



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