You chose to ride toward the dirt trail, though there will likely be no twigs for you or your cow…

You and your cow travel for a long time before realizing how hopeless the trail is. You’re both hungry and thirsty, but you have gone too far to consider going back. At any rate, there would be nothing left for you back there.

You continue for hours upon hours. You look to the ground. You see a massive sirloin steak on a platter. It’s surrounded by a baked potato, a salad, and various¬†condiments. You make your valiant horse stop so you can inspect further. You jump off your steed, your clunky armor making a heavy thud sound as you hit the ground. You set your rapier aside and kneel down to smell the meal. It’s incredible smelling. And looking. It is perfection. It is a gift.

You choose to…



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